BEEC 2017

Bali Edukasi English Camp (BEEC) 2017

Bali Edukasi English Camp (BEEC) 2017 is a camping event organised by a non-profit organisation, Bali Edukasi. The purpose of this event is to build the capacity of human resources all around the world on global needs and local perspectives. This includes six main activities, namely:

  1. Designing a Cultural Project based on the experience staying in the camp site
  2. Delivering a Project Presentation on the selected matter during the camp event,
  3. Learning English in Innovative Ways based on the 21st-century learning agenda,
  4. Experiencing/learning Balinese Culture, such as dances, cultural customs, village’s life in Bali, etc.,
  5. Learning from Overseas Scholarship Sharing Session, and
  6. Optimising self-capacity empowerment from Professional Development event on TOEFL/IELTS & Academic Writing.

First Phase (1 April – 31 May 2017) *EXTENDED UNTIL 10 JUNE 2017
1. Fill your registration form on this link:
2. Send your document via email, including:
• Curriculum Vitae (CV)
• A scan of Commitment Fee Proof Payment
• A Scan of Identity Card (KTP/Passport/ID Card)

E-Mail: Cc:

Scoring Indicators to get a free entry:
1. CV
2. Letter of Motivation

Second Phase (12 June 2017)
*will be informed through email & announced on our social media (Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter)

Third Phase (14 – 15 June 2017)
Online Technical Meeting (TM)*
*further information will be announced near the TM day.

Fourth Phase (7 – 9 July 2017)

Commitment Fee
All registered campers have to pay for IDR 300.000 ($30) as the commitment fee (camp tuition) during the program. The commitment fee will include:
1. Airfare (Excluded)
2. Accommodation & Airport Pick-Up
3. Meals
4. Facilities during the event
5. Certificate
6. A Free Registration Fee*
7. Award Certificates & Trophy**
*Acquired by the selected participants/delegates and the Fee will be reimbursed during the event
**Acquired by the selected participants/delegates

Commitment Fee Payment Methods:
1. For Local/Indonesian Participants (IDR 300.000)
Bank Transfer
Bank Name: BCA
Account No.: 6700330611
Account Name: Ni Kadek Ayu Widari
Bank Code: 014

2. For International Participants ($30)
Bank Transfer
Bank Name: BCA
Account No.: 014-6700330611
Account Name: Ni Kadek Ayu Widari
Branch Address: Cabang Raya Kuta Denpasar
Swift Code: CENAIDJA

Note: No refund for any cancellation!

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